I am a Kingdom Entrepreneur Strategist helping businesses and entrepreneurs experience massive expansion while sustaining it through Kingdom Principles. Target areas-Marketing, Credit, Funding, Network Leverage, Disc Assessment Analyst, Blueprint for conception to completion.

Discovery Consultation

Initial Consultation: 45 min

Let's introduce ourselves and see if we are a great fit for each other. I want to hear what your business goals are, what your current progress consists of, and your budget for expanding your business.

Make sure you take the assessment before our call.



90 Day:

Triple Express


1 on 1 Coaching

Triple your success through 1 on 1 coaching with #1 Kingdom Entrepreneur strategist, Ashanti Odom providing you with:

-Monthly coaching 
-Deep dive assessment into your business and your processes 
-A realistic blueprint on income generating activities 
-Resources for funding from investors 
-Thorough assessment of your financial portfolio 
-Strategic marketing plan and strategy



What Does Your Behavior Say About You

Deep Dive Assessment

If you have purchased the "What Does Your Behavior Say About You" Journal, then you are probably wondering how do you destroy the glass ceiling in your life and accelerate.  Take the assessment and schedule your free consultation to learn what your talents and non-talents are.  


Free with Journal Purchase (Value $500)

Entrepreneur Mentoring Academy

If you are like me, brilliant and highly independent this course is for you.  This is also for you if you have struggled trying to understand how successful business owners obtain and maintain expansion.  In this course you will learn how to apply principles that will triple your income in any industry.

Let's Connect

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