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After Working With Dr. Ashanti Odom- Pitts


Angie Reneé

Actress, Author, & CEO of Free Tax Quotes

Angie Reneé has been able to impact lives by offering her clientele cutting edge financial technology. She knew that her business would reach 7 figures by proper strategy implementation. The deep dive consultation that Dr. Ashanti Odom-Pitts provided not only uncovered a lucrative niche, it also placed her tax preparation company in a community that will yield 6 figures alone.

Haley Keiffer

International Business Strategist

This is Haley! After a strategy session she left a six figure income job in the medical field and recently closed an eight figure contract. Her goal was to be an international business strategist and she was able to accomplish that goal in less than 12 months!


Ahmad Smith

Influencer and Founder of Glory Gang

Ahmad has been featured in Forbes magazine, and is a global phenomenon. Recently, he met with Dr. Ashanti Odom-Pitts in a strategy blueprint session and was able to identify the missing piece required to take his company to the next level. Ahmad’s original financial goal was not only met but after full implementation has been tripled.

Valencia Williams


Valencia Williams was an aspiring graphic design artist, Who was in the process of getting started with the mentorship program. She had been with her job for several years and they terminated her position, by following the blueprint that was provided she was able to replace her income bringing in an additional 10,000+ dollars in less than five months. She is now a full-time Entrepreneur doing what she loves, and enjoying the freedom of no longer clocking in.

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